Popular Short Men’s Hairstyles

Popular Short men’s hairstyles are in abundance if you are looking for one. Men’s hairstyle has impact on their appearance, attitude and personality. Short hairstyle for men was out of date few years ago. But actually the short hair look never fades away and the craze for men’s short hairstyle has come back with a warm welcome. You can see all the celebs from young Justin Bieber to trendsetter David Beckham sizzling around with their new outlook in short hair. Here you can see few ideas to get your desired hairstyle of men to choose your style.


The Men’s Shag


The shags of 1970s are perfect to give you the rough and tough bad boy look. Men’s hairstyle in shags suits both short hair and long hair. The feathery layered shag looks good and shows your cool headedness. Hairstyle of men in shags along with a side part adds an extravagant look. Of course the side part should look messy. It suits both the thick and thin hair. A volumising gel may help in case of thin hair.

Side Parting


This side parting hairstyle of men is quite popular even among celebrities. You can check out the hairstyle of David Beckham. Even men worship him secretly. He was the first to show him off in the side parting men’s hairstyle. You can easily make that hairdo by making your hair short at the sides than at the top. Then brush your hair upwards at the crown in to a perfect quiff. You may need the help of a gel to keep your quiff in position. Use a volumising gel to make the crown part look better. You have many men’s short hairstyle with side part.

  • Side parting with modern look- Cut your side hairs very short or you can shave the sides and keep your hair at the top as lengthy 2.5 inches. Using styling mousse after shampooing your hair and blow drying you can make your quiff look the way you want. It will give you a modern look. It will suit well for men with curly hair who will be in search of a trendy hairstyle often.
  • Men’s short hairstyle with tousled style of the top hair goes well with side part. You will you awesome and handsome.
  • Side part with wet look will give you a royal and matured look. You can even choose that for your interview or business place.
  • Side part with razor cut short hairs at the sides and a casual quiff at the top certainly will make you look fashionable. But you have to put an extra effort to attain the casual look of the quiff working on individual strands of hair.

Few ever-loving hairstyle of men are given below



Short hairstyle of men with spikes with the hair in the crown will give a all new trendy look.

Curled Up Hair


You can create a tousled look for your short hair by curling up your hair sideways. It will be such that your center hair will stand up and out. This men’s hairstyle show the boldness and how open minded you are. It’s actually a daring attempt

Plain Hair

Plain hair without fringes is an all time favorite hairstyle for men. It suits all occasions. It can be for a business meet, casual occasion or a party and it suits all attires.

So, now that you know the type of hairstyles which are trendy, go ahead and try some.



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