Modern Stylish Short Medium, Long Men’s Haircuts & Styles

Men in the modern world need modern men’s haircut. It is no fun if you don’t try what the modern world provides you with. You change your mobile so often and why not your hairstyle. You need more attraction than the mobile that stays in your hand. If you are looking forward to hit some best looks of the modern world then you have come to the right place. The lookouts for modern style are a never ending one. The styles listed out here are done with keeping in mind your needs and taste to go with the trending modern world. Now have a walkthrough of the styles.

Modern Stylish Men’s Haircuts

Short men’s haircut will never fade out from fashion. This may be a modern world yet busy running world. Men hardly get time to spend for their hairstyling or into getting modern haircuts that needs 30 mins of time before the mirror everyday. You can have abundant of new haircuts for short hair that will put you in a fix to choose from. Short hair also suits for every occasion. Be it a business occasion or a casual party, you have innumerable haircuts that will suit your taste and occasion.

With tremendous stylish men’s haircuts in options for the style loving young men they often want to get styled in new looks. With the fast growing and fast changing fashion world you have to groom yourself to the trend. Men in the current era like spending considerable amount of money and time for their looks. Without doubt the hair plays the major role in the looks of a man. The fashion world is full of new styles emerging everyday that will quench your thirst for style. If you are in a time constraint to check out all the styles you can check out the styles piled up here for you.

Straight Fringe Haircut


What can make you look more modern than a stylish fringe waving through your forehead? If you have naturally straight hair then these types of modern haircuts will certainly suit you. It is best suited for all occasions ranging from ceremonies to daily outings. It will be both casual and classy. Get an undercut leaving the bangs as it is. You can make the fringes to fall till your eyes which will suit long faces. You have to be careful while using styling products as you don’t want to ruin the look of fringes. Too much products can make it look oily. Texturing your hair slightly will help you to achieve the slightly tousled look.

A Perfect Tousle


This kind of men’s haircut will be suitable for young men trying to get a laid back style. This is a perfect -out of bed- look. You may need to skip a haircut to get the exact look. Style your hair with a help of a styling cream. Work on the top hair with a teasing brush to volume the root hairs. Work on the top of your hair with your fingers making spikes at the top and combing back the side hairs.

Vertical Haircut


This is one of the hairstyles for men that will look modern and sports an attitude to your style. This is a high cut that will eventually suit people with square or round face as it adds dimension to the face. You can go for it either with long hair or short hair. The men with thick or rough hair will need pomade to get this style. Apply the product in your wet hair then work it out to style it upright. You can style in anyways depending on your preference. If you feel you don’t have the volume. Then blow dry to achieve the style. You will need a hold cream.

Modern Cowlick


Modern haircuts for men with coarse hair may be a painstaking job. But this haircut will help you tame your unruly coarse hair. This haircut that defines a fine line in the scalp will keep your hair in check. An undercut will highlight the style totally. Then style the fringes with the help of matte or hold gel in the cow lick style.

Classic Taper


These types of hairstyles for men will be suitable for men who don’t want to show off about their hair. This haircut need very less maintenance but provides you with high degree of style. The sides and the back are tapered. The degree of taper depends on the shape of your face. You can always ask your stylist about what type of taper will best suit you. Some fade gradually and some tapers very sharp. Your stylist will do the business rightly.

Long Buzz Cut


If you don’t want to have too much hair on your head yet a trendy style you can always go for this long buzz cut. This cut with short hairs all over the head will look totally good. Men who are into hard workouts like sports men or fitness people can go for this haircut. Among short haircuts for men the long buzz cut will be the most opted by men who are looking for less maintenance. A gel or mousse will help to highlight the hairdo. But natural look always goes well with long buzz cut.

Under Cut


Any list of haircut let it be for short, medium or long cant end without an undercut. The new era’s fashion has been the undercut. You can go for these hairstyles if you want to look classy. The sides and back are shaved and the top is left lengthy. The top hair can be styled in different ways. You can slick back your hair to get a classy look. But still it depends on your taste. Let your fingers play the magic. This hairstyles suits for curly hair as well. This haircut needs lots of styling gel and mousse to get a perfect look

The Butch Cut


The butch cut never loses popularity among men. It is one hairstyle that needs very less maintenance. These hairstyles for men are also called the burr cut or military cut as it gives the military finish. The butch cut gives you extremely short hair that you don’t even need to style it. It looks good the way naturally it is. The sweat won’t ruin your haircut in anyways and you don’t need to be conscious about that. It will reduce the number of visit to the barber largely. You can do it in your home yourselves. It is very popular among the men for the masculine look it gives them



The hairstyles for men for a style craving young men will never leave out Pompadour. It was an old style but it’s a comeback retro with a bang. It suits well for men with high pointed chin, round face and short forehead. This style comes with a close cut or an undercut at the sides and back.  The hair is quite lengthy at the top. The top hair need to be styled. For that you will need a styling gel or mousse. The top hair can be slicked back. A side part added to it will do the magic of turning you into a style symbol. You can walk along with pride with this styling that takes only less effort to do that.

Short Dreads


This type of men’s hairstyles is best for African American hair texture. Jaden Smith was styling around with this haircut lately. He was the first to make it famous. This hairdo caters to the styling appetite for the African American men as they have the natural texture for it. With textured styling you can make the short dreads stand all over your hair in style. The shaved sides and back with short dreads standing out in the top will make you standout in a crowd. You need very less maintenance or styling as the short dreads stand in place. Even though short treads are famous long dreads also look good. This type of haircut is suitable for men with defined features. You need a very experienced stylist to perfectly achieve this style.

Textured Curly Undercuts


Stylish haircuts for curly hairs are tough to find. But this haircut will certainly help you to look in style without compromising and actually highlighting your curls. It can be styled with the help of your hair stylists. Ask for an undercut. Then cut the curls at the top so that the texture of curls will suit the shape of your face. You will need a high class curl cream and a hold cream to hold the curls in place for the whole day. It’s easy to style on your partly damp hair.

Skin Fade With Solid Fringe


This is one of the clean men’s haircuts that will make you look in a neat style. With the help of an experienced stylist you can easily get this style. Ask your stylist for a skin fade at the sides and back. Leave a lengthy hair on the top for fringes. Then make the fringes a defined one to get the ultimate solid look. This will make you look young with style.

The few styles mentioned above will be helpful for you to know the current trending stylish haircuts for men. If you are guy looking to be modern in your look then you must try the above men’s haircuts for sure. You will see the results reflecting in your mirror. Ask your stylist for one of the style and get ready to float along with style. Choose one and go ahead.

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