Men’s Short Hairstyle For Thin Hair

The Men’s short hairstyle for thin hair is quiet tough to sort out. But depending upon the degree of thinning of your hair it is actually possible to make an attractive style in your hair in a smart way. There may be lots of reason for thinning of hair. As the ageing process goes on it gradually thins the hair in most men. If the problem is hereditary it may start as early as in the age of 19. Not everyone is a millionaire to go for hair transplantation to get back the young look. Smart way is to make the best out of your natural looks. There are certainly many men’s hairstyles for your thin hair to get an attractive look.


The following short hairstyle for men can help you enhance your appearance to boost up your confidence when you are in a crowd or when you are being noticed

Buzz Cut Haircut

This hairstyle of men suits well for those who are in the early stages of balding like in few spots. Growing a long hair will only make your thin hair prominent. So it is a smart way to go for a buzz cut. You can ask your stylist to do the close cut. It can be easily done without the need of any styling products. Lesser the use of styling products lesser will be the loss of hair. You can do it yourself at home with the help of a trimmer. Leave lots of hair at the top and lesser hair at the sides. This men’s hairstyle for thin hair is one of the sexiest short hairstyle for men. You can even go for designer styling buzz cut for a sexier and daring look.


If your hair is not bad enough to go for buzz cut and they are only in the early stage especially in the front of the head you can men’s hairstyles with shags. You can grow your front hair long enough to make shags. You can make feathery shags in the front that will fall on your forehead. This will amazingly cover up your thinning hair in the front. A messy look of the front hair will be an added attraction. Use styling product to get the shabby look. You can keep the back hair quite short. You can choose this hairstyle of men if you want to have a casual look and you don’t need to be worried about being professional.

Slicking Back

This is one of the smart men’s hairstyle for thin hair. If the thinning of hair is more at the back with as low one or two spots of baldness and you have good thickness in the front this men’s hairstyle will be your best choice. Leave the hair on the top your head long enough to slick it back totally. You can smartly cover up the thin areas at the back. You will however need styling products to keep the slicked back hair in position. Such short hairstyles when combined with a wet look with the help of gel make the look sexy. It will be suitable for royal and formal occasions.


Any men’s hairstyles will look good with spikes. If your hair is thin unevenly over the whole head then spikes will be the suitable choice. Make your stylist crop your hair on the top making sharp edges. With the help of volumising gel make your hair look dense. The styling products will make the spikes prominent diminishing the thinning look. This men’s hairstyle for thin hair will make you quite fashionable.

These are the trending men’s hairstyles and you can definitely try them out for yourself. Have fun!

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