Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles

Men with curly hairs are always in the lookout for a new hairstyle as the style that suits them is very limited. But men’s short curly hairstyles are actually available in quite a decent number of styles. Again the curly hair is not the same for all. The curls differ from wavy hair to tight curls. Curly hairstyles depend upon the texture and how curled your hair is. The next problem is that not all the barbers are good at hairstyle of men with curly hair. So you have to get the right stylist to try any new look.


Faux Hawk


Faux hawk style is suitable for short hairstyle for men with curly knots. To attain the perfect faux hawk style shave the side and back hairs. Try to attain the maximum height with the hair on the top using gel. That will make it perfect. Then push the hair forward so that the curly fringes fall over the forehead. This hairstyle of men is totally cool and so modern.

Thinned Out Curls With Skin Fade


As in normal hair men’s hairstyles with layers make a good hairdo in curly hair too. Perfect layered curls at the top not shortening much with skin fade at the sides make a perfect curly hairstyle. This is very neat and perfect short hairstyle of men. This will give you a totally neat look.

Fringes With Drop Fade


Hairstyle of men with curly hair to give a professional look is tough. But this short hairstyle serves that purpose. The drop shadow look at the sides with short curls at the top and longer curls at the fringes will be too perfect for you. The fringes can be either thrown forward or can be slicked back for more professional look.

Crew Cut with Drop Fade


This is totally a non messy men’s hairstyle. The sides are cut ultra thin with enough length on the top. A drop down at the sides makes it classy and all business look. A beard matching the hairstyle will complete it.

Comb Over Style


Slicking comb over is the best men’s hairstyle for curly hair. This hairstyle looks good with short hairs at the sides. The hair on the top and crown should be longer than sides to slick back. Back totally out makes it an excellent curly hairstyle for men. Use enough styling product make the look wet and shiny.

High Fade


If you have long hair with loose curls this will look adorable on you. Your hair can be textured easily with the length of your hair. Keep the side hairs short to achieve the high fade. If you can concentrate on individual strands it will make the curls attractive. Use of the gel will help to retain the curls in position.

Curls With Undercut


The undercut in men’s hairstyle for curly hair will highlight your curls. The shaved sides and backs makes your curly knots look so cool. This can create an attractive look for your face.

The curly hairstyles may not be easy to achieve but if you get the right barber with experience you can certainly achieve some marvelous look for you quite often.

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