Men’s Hairstyles To Match Beards

Most men are fond of growing a beard as it gives a masculine look to their face.If you have a beard,you would probably find it difficult to match it with your hairstyle.Not every hairstyles goes well with the beards.But,there are several hairstyles that match your beards.We have picked a list of hairstyles that gels with your beard and make you look handsome.


However,you should consider the shape of your face when choosing a hairstyle with beard because what looks good on one person will not look the same to the other person.Proceed reading this article to know about the five different styles.

Hairstyles matching the beards

Comeback hairstyle


This hairstyle looks classy and very elegant and is best matched with the beard.With this hairstyle and a classy suit you will get a definite masculine look.In this hairstyle you have the comfort of having the hair out of the face.It also adds a seriousness to your looks.It is seductive too.

Sideline hairstyle


This hairstyle has a sharp sideline over the hair.The crisp sideline helps giving a catchy look to your style.It is suitable to try with any kind of beard.It gives a definite masculine look.You can try this style confidently for a wedding,for a formal meeting or just for day to day use.

Side shaved hairstyle


This is one of the masculine hairstyles which looks good with beard.In this hairstyle the crown part is styled to be in medium length and the shaving is done towards the sides alone.This gives you a smashing and an attractive look.This style can be tried on short straight hair as well as curly hair.

Medium length hairstyles


This style can be done to those having medium hair length.Generally medium length hairstyle is avoided by most of the men as they find it difficult to maintain.But those who like this style will go for it.If this hairstyle is matched with any kind of beard may it be a short one or a longer one,it gives a masculine look which is also handsome.

Top Knot hairstyles


Even though,knots are feminine styles,when men do this styling with a beard,it gives a masculine look.It requires the beard length to be long inorder to be matching.This hairstyle is done with  picking your hair by gathering it to the top and tying it as a knot at the top of your head,secured with the help of a hairband.But as this hairstyle and beard both requires length,it needs additional care and maintenance. So,those men who are happy growing the hair and beard lengthy and maintain it can try this styles.

Beard and hair are different entities.Don’t consider them as existing in separate universes.Consider trying the styles which are mentioned above and match your beard.Rock on with the all new look.Good luck!!

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