Long Men’s Hairstyles In Trend

Long men’s hairstyles are very limited as compared to short hairs. Growing long hair in itself a tough job for men. It needs lots and lots of care and maintenance. One has to know the right way to grow the hair to achieve the style they have in mind. But still they do have few classic styles that will keep them trendy and updated. Men’s long hairstyle can be done in two ways. They can either be down type or tied. Down type means they will be allowed to flow on its own. Tied up men’s hairstyle can keep your hair in position with the help of a hair band or some other means.

Types Of Men’s Long Hairstyles

You have to be specific about the combs you use while handling long hair. It is wise to use wide toothed comb. Same way men’s hairstyle in long hair needs the use of appropriate styling products to keep your hair tidy and to maintain the style. You have lots of types of Men’s cool hairstyles with long hairs. You can see few real classy and attractive haircuts for men here.

Middle Part


This is a very common and easy down men’s long hairstyle. When you have quite a long hair it will naturally part at the middle of the head to fall freely down. You can make part easily with the help of a sharp comb. Your fingers too will do the job easily. Using styling gel or mousse will help the hair stand in position as it floats. You can leave it tidy by combing it or you can make it look casual by styling it with your fingers. This men’s hairstyle will suit both the straight hair and wavy or curly hair.

Side Part


This is one of the men’s cool hairstyle. Parting looks much better with a side part. The side part can be taken from any way either the right side or left side. But the left side may sometimes give gay look with long hair. As for the above style you can do the part easily with comb or fingers.

Down Hair With Fringes


Like in short hair fringes look good with men’s long hairstyle too. It will be attractive to keep the front hair short for the fringes. That way the hair won’t look messy and untidy. You can also make it long and tuck your fringes behind your ear to keep it in place.



This is the most attractive men’s hairstyle for long hair. It is most convenient too. It will keep the hair away from your face. It will look classy. This men’s long hairstyle suits for business occasions too. All you need is a hair band to tie up all your hair.

High Bun


This men’s cool hairstyle is the ultimate aim of any guy growing his hair long. You can see customers inquiring their stylist often about how to grow hair to attain the bun. It is no different than a ponytail. For this men’s hairstyle all you need to do is make all your hair into a high bun using the hair band.

Above mentioned all men’s long hairstyle will give you options to choose from. Why to still wait? Go ahead and groom you long mane.

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