Hairstyles For Black Men-Top Picks

Black men have a variety of options to choose when it comes to hairstyles.They can be short,medium or even long.In general,the hairstyle for black men seem to have a faded or tapered haircut  with certain styling on the top.

Smoothed reduction of hair length in fades gradually can be combined with sharp outlines at the temples,patterned sides or a shaped top.These faded haircuts look ravishing in men of all ages.As a rule to have your first fade cut,it is recommended to begin with the regular fade and not the short fade or long fade.Considering to change hairstyle?Check out the five varied haircuts that give a handsome look for men in black colour.


Faded twists




This style is on trending among the athletes and in celebrities.It makes you look professional.To achieve this style begin with applying styling aid to length and the sides.Continue by brushing sides close to the scalp.Finish it by twisting the top to the required size of the twist you wish to have.It suits all types of faces and works well with coarser hair texture.

Tapered fro



This style can be done by the people who wish to have a bit lengthy hair without maintenance.Begin it by applying grooming serum throughout the hair and give a gentle massage.Brush the sides and back close to the scalp.It suits all face types and go well with coarser and thicker hair texture.

Parted box fade


This is one of the fashionable cuts for black men.Begin with applying moisturizer throughout the hair and massage gently.Pick the hair to the up and brush the sides and back close to the scalp.Comb and style your hair with hands and brush.If required apply an extra amount of product to your hair.It suits faces of all types and go well with coarser hair types.

Long curls


This style is done for person with loose curls who can grow hair and achieve long layers.If you lack loose curls you can try a S curl texturizer to loosen the curls.To achieve this style begin by damping your hair and apply a leave in conditioner and a small quantity of gel from root to tips.Gently remove the excess moisture with a towel.Leave the hair to air dry.This styles suits the face of any shape and any hair density. 

The fro hawk


This is an easy to maintain,perfect hairstyle.It can be chosen for trying a bit rock n roll.To style,begin by applying a small amount of promade to your hair.Use a boar bristle brush and gently brush the hair towards the crown.Leave it to dry.To remove excess moisture without disturbing the curls,use a microfiber towel.This style suits all faces and all hair density.

These are only a fewer options of hairstyles considered suitable for black men.Try consulting your hairstylist and try a style which suits your face type and the texture of the hair.Don’t forget to leave a reply on the comment section below about how did this article helped you in choosing the best hairstyle.

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