Hairstyles For Asian Men-Top Picks

Asian men have a wide variety of options when it comes to styling the hair which are a bit more than the other nationalities.With the new haircuts you can improve your looks.A perfect hairstyle is the one which is both easy and cost effective.The range of styles we have choosed is popular among the leading stars of different fields.Tired of your old style?Continue reading this article featuring the hot trends of hairstyles available for asian men.


Short and slick


This hairstyle is considered suitable for a business meeting or for a semi-formal party.It is a easier style to have done.The toughest part is to make the fringe or bangs lay back,but it can be easily done by applying some strong wax backwards by using your  fingers as a comb.With this,the fringe will lie back and look natural.

Dandy medium fringe up


This style has short sides and back.The hair on the crown is maintained thick to create a dandy look.Dandy look means the man who is interested in looking good.The crown of the hair is permed such that it creates extra volume and texture.With the application of wax,the fringes or bangs is lifted up adding more volume to the hair.

Two-Block cuts


This style is trending recently among young asian men.In this cut the sides and lower back are shaved very thin and the crown of the hair is left short or medium in length.The advantage of two-block cut is that you can try keeping the fringe to be straight,up or even curl to create a hipster  look.The two block cuts can be done as short two block cuts or medium two block cuts.

The Mohawk


This is a classic style.It started out as a punk style and later became a mainstream Asian look.Even the two block hair cut is influenced from the classic Mohawk.There are many types of Mohawk cuts.This cuts looks good with short or long spikes and shorter or longer sides.



This style is considered suitable for long length hairstyles.The classic style has a one straight side and one permed side.Temporary perms can be created with the help of hair straightener by twisting and twirling.

There are many other cuts available which can be tried on Asian men’s hair. Opt for the one which best suites your face type and the texture of your hair.

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