Best Medium Length Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Looking for a look which is neither short nor lengthy? Medium length hairstyle is popular among most men as it gives both the sexy look and enable to play with and shaped to any style that suits for all the occasions.

The joy of having medium hair length is that,you can rock with different styles by leaving it natural or shaggy.You are open to style it by leaving it long at the top and sharp at the sides or leaving it fuss free.Check out these inspirational stunning styles listed below.Before trying these styles it is mandatory that you go with the shape of your face or the texture of your hair.


For round face

If you have a round face it is preferred to choose a hairstyle that adds volume as it adds more dimensions to your face.

Classic pompadour

It is a trendiest hairstyle, which has a combed straight back and adds sufficient volume to your hair.This hairstyles is begun by buzzing the sides with any razor and leaving the top for atleast 3 inches.Taper your hair so that it fades into your neck.

Styling is done as a 3 step process.Begin by applying generous amount of promade to your hair to give a wet look.Now comb the hair backwards all the way down your neck for even distribution of promade.The second step is making a part if you need.The last step is to use a comb to lift the hair at the front part of your head.Lift it upwards and downwards with the help of rolling motion.If you wish to add more volume,blow dry your pompadour upward.

For thick hair

It is necessary to style your hair to remove the weight of the hair and maintain the length.It is preferred to choose a buzz cut.

 Deal maker


This gives you a casual look benefitting thick hair.The longer layers help in holding the hair.To get this properly done begin with damping your hair with a little lotion.Blow dry with a denman brush to maintain the volume with a controlled finish.Now,smooth the sides back and style the fringes up and over.Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

For straight hair

It is recommended to avoid buzz cuts if you have straight hair.Choose messy layers instead of a blunt cut and avoid slicking your hair back.

 Short shag


It is styled around the head to provide adequate movement and shattered ends.To achieve this style begin with drying your hair with a towel.Use a paddle brush and wrap the hair around your head while blow drying to create movement.Through the hair apply a bit of styling cream to define the movement created in the previous step.For extra hold,use a medium hold styling paste.

For thin hair

Men with this type of hair are recommended to opt for a hair cut which adds volume to the hair.Prefer haircuts with more layers to add volume.Try a buzz cut for best looks.

 Prepped and primed


This style gives you a simple look with a touchable finish.It is parted deep in one side which adds volume to your hair.It gives you a high-stakes style.Begin by towel drying your hair.Part hair to one side.Use your fingertips to lift hair at the roottips as you blow dry.Finsih by applying styling cream and distribute it evenly by finger combing the hair.

For curly hair

Try styling the hair when it is fully wet to reduce frizz.Avoid blow drying your hair as it makes your hair more fizzy and difficult to style.

Thick and curly


This hairstyles creates darker tones underneath with depth.Wet your hair and wring the excess moisture.avoid using towels.Now use a wide tooth comb to part hair to one side.Work a little of the curls probably quarter side with cream.Let the hair dry for vbetter results.If you feel to blow dry your hair use only a large,round finger-pronged diffuser to avoid frizz.

We hope these looks inspired you to try this styles.It is necessary to learn blow drying before you try styling.So,pick a style acoording to your face and hair texture and try the best one that suits you.

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